Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Memes About Disney And LucasFilm [Photo]

disney bought over lucasfilmToday, the biggest news around the world, after the havoc created by Hurricane Sandy, is non other than the announcement of the acquisition of LucasFilm by Disney. Yes, you heard it right, LucasFilm, the production house that brought us Star Wars and Indian Jones franchises has been bought over by Disney for a hefty 4.05 billions (in cash and stock).
The good news is that, along with the announcement, it was also announced that Star Wars Episode 7 is in the pipeline and is slated for 2015 release.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 30th Oct 2012 [Photo]

Hurricane Sandy is creating havoc in the New York area and there is no joke about it, a small number of casualties have been reported but hope that it will be contained and affected New Yorkers to rebuilt their currently flooded home-land as soon as possible.

I know such laughing cue would not be sufficient to put back the smile on those flood victims who have suffered from great lost but I would still like to continue my daily posting to serve as an encouragement to those affected to "Keep going!".

Monday, 29 October 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 29th Oct 2012 [Photo]

It's Monday again!

Hope you are not infected by the global massive virus called Monday's Blue. In any case, here come the cure, something to brighten your Monday, hopefully.

"Life is short, keep going, keep smiling!" 

Enjoy this edition of Laughing Cue!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 28th Oct 2012 [Photo]

Time flies, another new week is coming soon, hope you folks have all charged up to face the new challenges in the coming weeks. 

Meanwhile, let's relax and keep some moment for laughter. Need cue? Here come the laughing cue..


Friday, 26 October 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 27th Oct 2012 [Photo]

laughing, luaghters
Nowadays, technology like computer, laptop, smartphone etc. is part and parcel of our life. We can't live without it. As the saying goes, if we can't beat it, embrace it!

Today, I am going to share 8 funny photos on how technology (mainly computer) can also "ruin" our normal life! 

Get ready for a good laugh! ;-)


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Freaky Halloween Prank In Broad Daylight [Video]

rich ferguson, the ice breaker
Halloween is just 5 more days to go, need some booster to built up your nerve in preparation for next week's Halloween celebration?

Go no further, check out this freaky Halloween prank video! I am sure you will "pity" the unsuspecting passers-by that been caught on this video! ;-) 


Daily Laughing Cue - 26th Oct 2012 [Photo]

Yippee! It's Friday once again (and a Public Holiday in certain Asian Countries)! 

It's time to let our hair down and get ready to enjoy the weekend.

Here come today's "Daily Laughing Cue"

Please feel free to share it forward if they do make you laugh, let's "Laugh To Inspire and Inspire To Laugh" together!

Cute Baby In Costume [Photo]

Baby in costume is sure fire for laughter (or at least smile)! Recently, I chanced upon a number of baby in costume photo selection (yes, Halloween costume included) and thus like to share it here. 

Hope they can put a smile on your face!

TGIF soon...


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 25th Oct 2012 [Photo]

Hi folks, hope you have a great day today. If not, hope this blog can make your day slightly better, at least with a few moment of laughter! ;-)

Here come today's "Daily Laughing Cue"

Please feel free to share it forward if they do make you laugh, let's "Laugh To Inspire and Inspire To Laugh" together!

Python VS Man - Who Won? [Video]

This is my personal collection and the man in the video is NOT me! ;-)

I took this video during my visit to Singapore Night Safari a few months back! Sorry that the quality of video is not that great (as I just took it with my iPhone) but do focus on the dialogue between the host and the selected audience, oh, and the python! ;-)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 24th Oct 2012 [Photo]

How are you folks feeling today? Great?

Here come the second dose of "Daily Laughing Cue"

Please feel free to share it forward if they do make you laugh, let's "Laugh To Inspire and Inspire To Laugh" together!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 23rd Oct 2012 [Photo]

To live up to the motto of this blog, Laugh To Inspire ; Inspire To Laugh, I will try my best to share, on daily basis, selection of the multi-media that I've curated over the net. I called it "Daily Laughing Cue".
The reason why I named it as Laughing Cue is because we are living in a fast pace environment and most of the time we are too busy with our daily routine that lead us to omit the most important part of live, which is to LAUGH (or just being HAPPY)! Thus, this Laughing Cue is meant to serve as a reminder, or a cue, for you to relax and have a great laugh. 

Funny Halloween Photos [Photo]

Halloween is around the corner, it is time to get ready for a good scare, or maybe not!?

For movie buff, you may consider Silent Hill - Revelation 3D which will be released in cinema on 26 Oct 2012 (in US). As for those who are not celebrating Halloween or don't really like Halloween, maybe the following photos come in handy to cool you down!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Taken - The Funny Memes [Photo]

Taken - the popular action thriller blockbuster by Liam Neeson is so successful that Taken 3 is already in the pipeline (currently, Taken 2 is still showing in the cinema near you).
Thus, it is no wonder that there are many fans created Taken meme being shared online. I've seen not less than 20 of them and would like to pick up the 3 of my favourite. Pay close attention to the text! ;-)

Elevator Prank By LG [Video]

"So Real It's Scary!"

To live up to the slogan of its new IPS monitors, LG showing off what their new product is capable of by deploying it in a real-world environment, where people can see for themselves.
It might seems a bit funny that unsuspecting passengers could fall for this prank but I am sure it will make you laugh at the end of the video.

The 8 Types Of Queues in Singapore [Infographic]

the 8 types of queues in singapore
OK, this one maybe more relevant to Singaporean (or Asian for that matter)! However, I find that the findings in this infographic is quite true (because I am a Singaporean ;-)).
Queueing  is part and parcel of our daily life. Wherever we go, we see queue(s) forming here and there.. At times we ourselves are guilty of such phenomenon.

Hallelujah! [Photo]

This being the first post of the blog, I thought it is approprite to post something related to the Higher Beings from above!

Don't you think this chipmunk is cute?

Check inside the post for bigger version of the photo.