Sunday, 21 October 2012

Taken - The Funny Memes [Photo]

Taken - the popular action thriller blockbuster by Liam Neeson is so successful that Taken 3 is already in the pipeline (currently, Taken 2 is still showing in the cinema near you).
Thus, it is no wonder that there are many fans created Taken meme being shared online. I've seen not less than 20 of them and would like to pick up the 3 of my favourite. Pay close attention to the text! ;-)

By the way, if you have no clue of what Taken is about, check out the movie review here.

taken, liam neeson, meme
The Original Version
taken, liam neeson, meme
Meme Version 1 (Spammer)

taken, liam neeson, meme
Meme Version 2 (Singapore Only)
Note: Singtel 3G is one of the network Provider
Meme Version 3 (Fat boy version)

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