Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 25th Oct 2012 [Photo]

Hi folks, hope you have a great day today. If not, hope this blog can make your day slightly better, at least with a few moment of laughter! ;-)

Here come today's "Daily Laughing Cue"

Please feel free to share it forward if they do make you laugh, let's "Laugh To Inspire and Inspire To Laugh" together!

Here you go, the laughing cue:

laughters, joke, up sized meal
"I don't expect this when I ordered an up-sized meal!!!!"
jokes, laughters, cut the cake
This is how we CUT the cake here! ;-)
jokes, laughters, diving
Those were the day when Diving is such a CHORE!
jokes, laughters, shark
SHARK! Oh wait, we are the shark!
jokes, laughters, bucket list
Bucket List, the Gen X version!

If Hitler is still around, he might looks like...

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