Friday, 30 November 2012

MUST WATCH Comedy Short - Horror Movie Daycare [Video]

horror movie daycare
Can you imagine what would happen if all the kids with super-natural or horrific powers come together and housed in one daycare center? Well, I think it will not go too far from what I am going to share next, a comedy short from College Humor called Horror Movie Daycare.

I must say that it is a great comedy short with glimpse of funny little moments packed into this 2 1/2 minutes short. It centers on a woman who works in a daycare center that's full of classic kid horror movie characters. As you'll see she loves taking care of the little hell raisers (source: GeekTyrant)


Feel Good Video For The Weekend [Video]

bear ladder, video
Howdy! I am back after went missing for about a week. I have a valid reason, because of the recurrence of my red eyes condition, I got to stay away monitor for awhile.. Anyway, I am almost back to normal now and thus will continue to share good and laughable stuff here!

As we are approaching weekend now, just like to share a very inspiring video (called bear ladder) which will sure to motivate you to do good! At the beginning, you might not have a clue about the video, watch till the end and you will know why...

Keep going, keep up your spirit! ;-)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Two Cute Baby Videos For Your Enjoyment On Black Friday [Video]

How's your Thanksgiving Day's celebration goes? I am sure many of you would have a great Turkey feast last night. Today is Black Friday and what it means is that most of you will bid sayonara with some cold-hard cash of yours by going on the shopping spree (online or offline) ;-)
Today, instead of sharing the photos, I am going to share 2 cute baby's videos which will definitely put a smile on your face. Adorable baby always make us smile, don't you agree?
Enjoy the video below...

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Laughing Cue On Your Thanksgiving Day - 22/11/2012 [Photo]

thanksgiving 2012, comic, funny
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I am sure Turkey feast and Black Friday shopping will be the main activities for many of you, coupled it with the following Cyber Monday, you will sure to have an exceptional shopping experience (online and offline) during this festive season.

Before I share the usual laughing cue, just like to share a news that I've gathered today in relation to Singapore. Based on a Poll by Gallup, an US-based Pollster, Singapore has been identified as the world's most emotionless country! Seriously?

Now, enjoy the Daily Laughing Cue...

Monday, 19 November 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 19th Nov 2012 [Photo]

funny, baby inside the tub
Before I share the laughing cue...just like to share my view on happiness...

Sometime back, I read a news article with the headline "What Really Make Us Happy?". Of course, as usual, there is no conclusive answers at the end of the article which is rightly so as happiness is very individual and subjective. 

For example, you can be living paycheck to paycheck but still feeling happy because you have an inner richness. On the other hand, you can be filthy rich but yet do not feel happy because the happiness cannot be bought. 

To me, happiness is very abstract and we can't really come out with one standard model answer and apply it across the board. Instead, as long as we are focusing on our energy or effort in doing something, it could be something very small or big, we are experiencing the HAPPINESS at that particular moment.

What do you think about my definition of happiness?

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 18th Nov 2012 [Photo]

funny, cat
How is your weekend so far? In my part of the world, Weekend left only one more hour and soon it will be Monday... once again, let's treat Monday just as any brand new tomorrow and we will be fine! ;-)

Before I go, just like to leave the following phrase "The Best Is Yet To Come!" So, stay tune and do come back often for the laughing cue (whenever you need one).  

Now, enjoy the laughing cue that I've curated just for you... 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 17th Nov 2012 [Photo]

thinker vs doer, comic
At this moment, it is Saturday night in my part of the world and I just have a fulfilling dinner at home. As the saying goes, hungry man is an angry man! So, I am a happy man now! ;-)

For those of you who are just about to start your weekend, what is your plan for the weekend? if you are catching a movie in the theater, my recommendation would be Skyfall (23rd James Bond movie), Wreck-It Ralph and The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn (Part 2).

Oh, by the way, if you are into movies, do check out my other movie blog as well : Ultimate 3D Movies

Now, enjoy today's laughing cue...

Thursday, 15 November 2012

1991 - The Year Of Super Nintendo And Why Parents Are Bringing Their Kids For Therapy Session? [Video]

nintendo, super nintendoIf you were born long enough and during your childhood in the nineties, I am sure you would heard of the craze gadget of that time i.e. the Nintendo (or Super Nintendo).
In 1991, Nintendo released their successor to Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). However, not everyone are pleased with the launch, especially the parents. Some parents even went to the extend of taking their poor kids to therapy sessions because of the negative effects they thought Nintendo was having on them.
Whatever it is, it was still an IN gadget that everyone love, except the parents. Recently, an old news report has re-surfaced online which I thought is quite funny and like to share it here. If this is the first time you see this, I am sure you will have a laugh too! ;-)

Fun And Artisitc Ways To Destroy Egg [Video]

slo-as-a-mofo-sho egg destructionSunny Side Up? Poached? Scrambled? How do you like your egg to be done?
Whichever way you like, first you need to "destroy" the eggs first. Today, I am going to share a video clip (posted by popspot in Youtube) showcasing the artistic and fun way of destroying the eggs, in slo-mo! 
Kudos to the creator for it's originality and creativity. I especially like the title of the video : Slo-As-A-Mofo-Sho - Egg Destruction.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 14th Nov 2012 [Photo]

mouse doing cpr on mouse
Time flies, we are in the mid-week already! Hang on there if you are struggling with your work schedule as there is always light at the end of the tunnel (we are already half-way through towards the weekend).

Life is short, let's make every moment counts in our life by living to the fullest. First. let's start with a smile on your face and I am sure it is contagious!

Here you are, your daily dosage of Laughing Cue...


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 11st Nov 2012 [Photo]

I am back!

Sorry for MIA (Missing In Action) for the last 3 days as I was away for a business trip. Time flies and tomorrow is Monday again. Hope you all have a great weekend and are looking forward to the new week ahead.

Thus, today's profile photo of THE kid showing a "YOU CAN MAKE IT!" pose (which went viral in the social media) is very relevant for tomorrow's sentiment. YES! We all can make it! Just treat Monday is any other brand new tomorrow and you should be fine. 

By the way, the kid has grown up a bit but still look super cute!

Enjoy today's Laughing Cue...

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 7th Nov 2012 [Photo]

Can you believe it? We are already at the mid-week now and very soon we are going to enjoy the well reserved weekend again. Ok, maybe not that soon, we are only half-way through the week. In any case, keep up the spirit and keep going.

My main principle of keeping an happier life is:
"I can't control the external factors and other people's action BUT I can definitely control my REACTION, which is to keep POSITIVE!"  
What's your life's principle(s)?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 5th Nov 2012 [Photo]

comic, let's talk about sex
See! I've told you st, Monday is just another day, it is almost over by now. Oops! For some of you at the other side of the globe, your Monday might have just began, if you felt a bit blues, check out the previous Laughing Cue to chase away your blues.

In any case, the daily laughing cue is here for your consumption all day long, sun or rain, day or night! Hope you enjoy my sharing and what I would request a small favour from you is if this is your first time here, do share with me your feedback about this blog and how I can make it better in the future? Thanks in advanced!

Now, enjoy today's Laughing Cue below...

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 4th Nov 2012 [Photo]

joke, comic, monday blues
Ya, I know, tomorrow is Monday and in certain part of the world, Monday will be right here in a just few hours time. Many of us are infected by the Monday Blues Syndrome i.e. our mood  automatically swung into south for no particular reason. 

Here comes the antidote, the laughing cue to curb your Monday Blues, hopefully! ;-)

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 3rd Nov 2012 [Photo]

It's Saturday once again! It's time to let our hair down (once again) and get some well deserved rest or chill out with friends or family members. As the saying goes, "All work no play makes Jake a dull boy", who want to be a dull boy? At the minimum, you should be a happy dull boy! ;-)

If you have no plan yet, check out the following photos sharing of the laughing cue, I promise it will put a smile on your face (for at least 5 seconds)!

Hope you all have a great weekend!