Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hulk - The Cool Geek Art

the avengers, hulk
I am quite sure many of you have watched the 2012 superheroes movie classic, The Avengers and many of you would agree with me that the most interesting and lovable superhero is Hulk. He is powerful and yet innocently funny. Alright, alright, Iron Man and Captain America are not bad as well. But personally I still prefer Hulk ;-)

Until now, there are still many online cartoonist/artist like to use the character of Hulk for their Geek Art. One of them is sammich whom has generated a very cute and cool style of Hulk. Don't miss it and I am quite sure that you will like this version of Hulk too...


the avengers, hulk
Hulk, from the eye of Sammich

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