Friday, 18 January 2013

Like Movies? Like Inspirational Stuff? Why Not Both?

best movie quotes
Today, I am going to get a bit "serious" and not sharing any laughing stuff ;-P Instead, I am getting inspirational! 

I liked inspirational stuff and occasionally create my own inspirational quotes for the sharing (that's where my personal blog Great Little Moments was created with that in mind). For those who know me well (either personally or through my blog) will know that I am a movie buff too (that's why I have another blog Ultimate 3D Movies just catered to that). Sorry to sound a bit self-promoting but I will come to that in a moment.

I liked movie and I also liked inspirational stuff, so been thinking hard how to merge them together. Then, suddenly it dawn on me that movie can be inspirational too! Hence, prior to writing this post, I've spent about one hour searching and created a Facebook Fan Page called "Best Movie Quotes", which is what I am sharing here!

The objective of the Fan Page is to curate and share the inspiring and motivating quotes from the movies (Hollywood or Asia) and present it in a graphically appealing manner. To give you a sneak peek, following are some of the photos that I will be sharing in that Fan Page.

best movie quotes, into the wild
"Happiness is only real when shared"
~~ Into The Wild
best movie quotes, braveheart
"They can take our lives but they can never our freedom"
best movie quotes,  the grandmasters
"To forge forward instead of being stagnant"
~~The Grandmasters
If movies and quotes are your cup of tea and above posters look appealing to you, please feel free to like my Fan Page and I will share more of such beautiful posters (plus quotes) regularly.


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