Monday, 4 February 2013

10 Funniest Commercials From Super Bowl 2013 [Video]

super bowl 2013The Super Bowl 2013 is over and The Ravens won the game! To be frank, I am not a fan of American Football but like the buzz of it. As expected, many brands and movie distributors took the opportunity to release their TV commercials and latest movie trailers/teasers on this big day, with one objective in mind i.e. to reach out to the massive viewers from all over the world.
Overall, there are more than 70 TV commercials/trailers/teasers being made just for the Super Bowl spot. Today, I am going to share my top 10 funniest commercials in Super Bowl 2013. If these commercials appealed to you, you may also check out my other collection of commercials in the previous Super Bowl games.

1. - Perfect Match : Bar Rafaeli's Big Kiss:

2. Mercedes Benz - Soul:

3. Kia Sorento - Space Babies:

4. Taco Bell - Viva Young:

5. AllState - Mayhem:

6. Hyundai Sonata Turbo - Stuck:

7. Milk Mustache - Got Milk?:

8. Sketchers - GORun 2:

9. Oreo - Whisper Fight:

10. Kia Forte - Hotbots:
Which of the above commercials you like best?

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