Thursday, 14 February 2013

Canal+ Commercials Than Better Than Many Full Length Comedy [Video]

Canal+ (meaning Channel Plus/More in English) is a French premium pay television channel launched since 1984. In view of its nature of business, Canal+ is famous for producing top-notch TV commercials throughout all these years (by BETC Paris). 

I first chanced upon one of the the Canal+ TV Commercial, Closet, today (even though this commercial has been around since 2011). I find it very interesting and in fact it's better than many of the full-length comedy that I've watched. It reminded me of the 1995's sleeper hit, The Usual Suspects (by Kevin Spacey) whereby you wouldn't know what's going on until the very end. COOL huh!?

With this great findings, I proceed to search through Youtube and uncovered a few other awesome commercials from Canal+ to share here.

Enjoy the unexpected turn of events!

1. Canal+ Closet:

2. Canal+ Fuel For Fans:

3. Canal+ The Bear:

Which one you like best? For me, it is still Closet! ;-)


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