Sunday, 11 November 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 11st Nov 2012 [Photo]

I am back!

Sorry for MIA (Missing In Action) for the last 3 days as I was away for a business trip. Time flies and tomorrow is Monday again. Hope you all have a great weekend and are looking forward to the new week ahead.

Thus, today's profile photo of THE kid showing a "YOU CAN MAKE IT!" pose (which went viral in the social media) is very relevant for tomorrow's sentiment. YES! We all can make it! Just treat Monday is any other brand new tomorrow and you should be fine. 

By the way, the kid has grown up a bit but still look super cute!

Enjoy today's Laughing Cue...

Also, if you have any funny or laugh worthy photos/video that you like to share it out, feel free to provide the URL links in the comment section and I will try to incorporate it in the subsequent posts (with proper credits). 

Cute Kid That Went viral Is Growing Up 
Don't mess with kid with sack mask 
Happiness  by Yogi Bhajano
PH.D. Question
Math Question With Creative Answers
New Point Of View On The Popular Magic

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