Monday, 19 November 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 19th Nov 2012 [Photo]

funny, baby inside the tub
Before I share the laughing cue...just like to share my view on happiness...

Sometime back, I read a news article with the headline "What Really Make Us Happy?". Of course, as usual, there is no conclusive answers at the end of the article which is rightly so as happiness is very individual and subjective. 

For example, you can be living paycheck to paycheck but still feeling happy because you have an inner richness. On the other hand, you can be filthy rich but yet do not feel happy because the happiness cannot be bought. 

To me, happiness is very abstract and we can't really come out with one standard model answer and apply it across the board. Instead, as long as we are focusing on our energy or effort in doing something, it could be something very small or big, we are experiencing the HAPPINESS at that particular moment.

What do you think about my definition of happiness?

Now, here is today's laughing cue...

funny, baby inside the tub
Mummy, mummy, I am inside the tub!
funny, cute zombies
Cute Zombies
funny, walkman and headphone
So very true
funny comic
Oops! Forgotten something is beside her!
funny, perfect parents
"Perfect" parents!

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