Thursday, 22 November 2012

Laughing Cue On Your Thanksgiving Day - 22/11/2012 [Photo]

thanksgiving 2012, comic, funny
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I am sure Turkey feast and Black Friday shopping will be the main activities for many of you, coupled it with the following Cyber Monday, you will sure to have an exceptional shopping experience (online and offline) during this festive season.

Before I share the usual laughing cue, just like to share a news that I've gathered today in relation to Singapore. Based on a Poll by Gallup, an US-based Pollster, Singapore has been identified as the world's most emotionless country! Seriously?

Now, enjoy the Daily Laughing Cue...

alligator warning
Alligator attack, so you must...
cat in shock
Cat In The State Of Shock

online chat's problem
The Problem About Chatting
innovative hair product
Innovative Product
thanksgiving 2012, comic, funny
Thanksgiving VS Christmas
thanksgiving 2012, comic, funny
Stress-free Thanksgiving, the solution!

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