Monday, 3 December 2012

Bizarre Christmas Trees [Photo]

Christmas is just around the corner and every shopping mall you go, I am pretty sure you will be hit with the Christmas trees decoration. Big or small, grand or not-so-grand, they all bring out the of feel of ho-ho-ho...
Today, what I am going to share is a collection of bizarre Christmas Tree decoration. Normal Christmas tree decoration are just too common nowadays and we need some creativity and fresh idea.
View for yourself and share with me (in the comment section) which is your preferred bizarre Christmas tree decoration?  

1. Mah Jong Christmas Tree:
Mah Jong is a popular tiles game in Asian community (as opposed to popular card game in the West), usually play by 4 players at a square table. This Mah Jong Christmas Tree is actually from a Hong Kong retail store called "Goods Of Desire". Interested to view more of it and how it will be transformed into full-fledged Christmas tree? Check out their official Facebook Fan Page

bizarre christmas tree - mah jong

2. Upside-Down Christmas Tree:
Personally quite like this concept of reversing the norm. Who said Christmas tree cannot be upside-down?
bizarre christmas tree  upside-down

3. Mountain Dew Christmas Tree:
I am pretty sure there are beers, wines and liquor Christmas trees out there too!
bizarre christmas tree mountain dew

4. Water Containers Christmas Tree:
bizarre christmas tree mountain dew, water container

5.  Pencils Christmas Tree:
bizarre christmas tree mountain dew, pencils

6. Newspaper Rolls Christmas Tree:
bizarre christmas tree mountain dew, newspaper rolls

7. High-Heels Christmas Tree :
I believed this creative concept will appeal to many ladies out there! ;-)
bizarre christmas tree mountain dew, shoes

8. Wall Stickers Christmas Tree:
bizarre christmas tree mountain dew, wall stickers
For me, being an Asian and a Mah Jong Player (not pro though), my favourite is the Mah Jong Christmas tree. What's yours?


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