Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mistletoe Prank - Care For A Holiday Smooch? [Video]

mistletoe prankIn 5 more days, we are going to celebrate the most celebrated season of the year, X'mas! That's of course I am assume that we all survived the overly hyped End Of World prophecy which supposed to be tomorrow! ;-)
In any case, talking about the X'mas mood, one of the Youtuber recently done a Mistletoe Prank in the streets of Santa Barbara, California, in quest of a holiday smooch. He tied a mistletoe to a fishing pole and chased down unsuspecting pedestrians -- sometimes hoping for a kiss, other times encouraging couples to lock lips. Regardless, awkwardness did ensue. (source: Mashable)
I find it quite amusing and surely create a surprise moment for the unsuspecting pedestrains.



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