Thursday, 6 December 2012

What Happen When Peanuts Meet Evil Dead? [Photo]

mashup art, peanuts and evil dead
Peanuts (Charlie Brown) and Evil Dead are from two different era but they are popular at their own rights. Have you ever imagine what would happen if we mash them up?  

Not to worry, Justin Hillgrove has done the tough part for you i.e. in putting it in a mashup art! Charlie Brown is playing the role of Ash (from Evil Dead) and is battling with the "zombies" with a shotgun and chainsaw.

Before showing you the mashup photo, in case you are still clueless about Peanuts and Evil Dead, check out the following photos in their respective solo act.

evil dead
Evil Dead

Now, here is the mashup art piece...

mashup art, peanuts and evil dead
Charlie Brown vs Evil Dead
By the way, following are two more art pieces from Justin Hillgrove, do check out his blog if you like to know more about him.

mashup art the usual suspect tribute
The Usual Suspect Tribute
mashup art where the wild thing are tribute
Where The Wild Thing Are Tribute

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