Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hilarious TV Commecials from Asia - 3rd Dec 2012 [Video]

Many a time, TV commercials provide more hilarious and laughable moment than full length movies or TV series. I guess one of the reason is because the advertisers need to convey the intended message in an most impactful manner possible with the constraint to do it within a short 45 seconds or so. Thus, something that make people laugh (or cry, for that matter) will usually leave a long lasting impression with the viewers.

This being a blog to make my viewers LAUGH. Today, I am going to share two TV commercials from Asia which have tickled my funny bones, again and again. I hope they will do the same for you... Don't worry, language is not a barrier here, you will know what I meant by just watching the commercials and laugh along! ;-)


Fan Commercial from Thailand [Hatari]:

Shampoo Commercial from Hong Kong [Rejoice]:

How do you like these commercials? Would you be interested if I were to share more of such funny commercials? Drop me a note or two in the comment section.


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