Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Daily Laughing Cue - 05/12/2012 [Photo]

It just about 20 days' time, we are going to celebrate the Christmas, I am sure you folks are started to get busy in buying the Christmas presents as well as planning for the great celebration of the year. The fun part about Christmas is actually the planning, the wrapping of presents as well as the feasts with families and friends. Hope you have a great Christmas celebration soon! 

Oh, by the way, if you are movies lover, you may want to check out the three 3D movies not to be missed in December 2012.

Meanwhile, just relax and enjoy the laughing cue of the day!


lol comic
The new LOL
free ticket, funny
Free ticket, any taker?
lying bitch, funny comic
Don't weigh if you can't accept the fact!
revenge of the gardener, funny comic
Revenge of the gardener
comic, the honest meeting
The honest meeting

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