Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Last VS The Last Outcome [Video]

the last video, the last outcome video
Yipee! It's weekend again! 

Today, I am going to share 2 home-made videos that gone viral. Both videos are centred around a simple yet cruel question "How many have you loved before me?". I am sure you will be dreadful if you are at the receiving end. 

The first video (the original) is called "The Last" (8 minutes) and the question is posted by the lady... it is very beautiful and moving. The gentleman has given her the best answer ever (I am sure all ladies would love him even more after the answer). So far, it has garnered 4.3 millions view in Youtube. 

The second video (the spoof) is called "The Last Outcome" (6 minutes) and it is the gentleman's turn to ask the same question... it is a very funny and unpolished version (warning: language used might not be suitable for youngsters, so, watch it with care). So far, it has garnered 1.1 millions view in Youtube. 

It is like Drama vs Comedy but both are with great acting and editing. Now, enjoy the videos.

The Last (from WongFuProduction):


The Last Outcome (From DavidSoComedy):


I personally liked both videos but since I've watched the second video (the funny one) first, thus, my preference is still The Last Outcome (first impression counts!). What's your preference? 


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